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Vibrant Noodles and Meat - Rico - 09-01-2012 04:59 AM

a lot of shredded beef (use your soul to measure)
bean sprouts (moyashi)
cherry tomato
a noodles pack per person (a good brand)
salt and pepper to taste (but is better with a lot of pepper!!!)
olive oil (ever)

At first, start boiling the water and cook the noodle as usual.
Shred meat and season it with salt and pepper.
Heat olive oil in a large frying pan and put the meat, let it brown a little, don't stop stirring. Put the tomato, moyashi and finely sliced carrots. Add a bunch of olive oil and wait your noodles.
Drain the pasta and mix it with other ingredients inside pan.
Well done!

you'll se my other dishes on my food profile:

RE: Vibrant Noodles and Meat - fpauer - 09-01-2012 05:03 AM

More shredded beef and some sauce will keep it in the eyes and wonderd..!