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fantastic fish finger buttie - rajeshsheth - 05-19-2012 07:35 PM


As a chef I always feel I shouldn't be eating something like a fish finger buttie – but you know what, I think that makes it taste even better. Here's what I do...

I remove about 4 fish fingers from the freezer and grill them on each side until crispy and golden. While that's happening, I butter 2 bits of nice soft white bread or a white roll, smearing one half generously with tomato ketchup. When the fish fingers are done, I remove them from the grill and place them on the bread smeared with ketchup. The most important bit is to put the other bit of bread on top and, using a little force, push down on your buttie which, for some reason, seems to make it taste even better. And that's it – all done.

I tend to eat one of these while I'm walking about at home and I always get told off by the missus for dropping bits everywhere. You'll notice from the picture that I've put a handful of rocket in the sandwich, which isn't really necessary but it does make it look a bit more posh. I was a bit embarrassed to tell the photographer he had to shoot a fish finger sandwich, so I told him it was 'lemon sole goujons' – what a prat I am! Be proud to eat fish fingers, that's what I say.